About Us

Musen was founded in 2008 as a small establishment.  As successful growth with factory progressed, Musen Electronics was founded in 2013. With continued success in the year 2016 

Shenzhen Musen Technology Ltd was establishedThere is a factory located in Shantou, a showcase booth located in Guangzhou, and a showroom office located in Shenzhen as well.

 In Shenzhen you will find our production staff and variety display of products.

Shenzhen Musen Technology Ltd is a Modern large and medium-sized private enterprises,which provides the following services: Research and Development, OEM&ODM Production,

Customized Packaging, and Professional Customer Servicing. It is one of the earliest pioneers in the Bluetooth earphones industry, and is also one of the earliest exporters of Bluetooth earphone products into the international market.

Musen looks forward to becoming top leaders of Bluetooth earphone market with high precision molds, unique and complex surface treatments, high quality sound, distinctive function and innovative designs.And we lead in audio processing technology providing you an excellent sense of hearing.

Musen’s vision is to bring domestic production and give presence to the whole world.Musen is in constant pursuit of technological innovation, unique designs and fashionable appearance.

 This is to provide the best user experience.With each step along the way, Musen continues to push forward with professional products and dedicated servicing, leading to endless growth within our industry.

In addition, Musen provides other Bluetooth products: Bluetooth wearable headphones, Neckband earphones ,Bluetooth In-ear earphones and Wired earphones etc,  specifically for Apple and Android platforms.

With a collection of products having excellent quality of sound, top features and unique stylingMusen continually strives to become the leader of earphones marketMusen Technology looks forward to working with you to create a bright winning future!